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Adopt A Malawi Student Campaign

“It is our passion to impact a life and change a nation one child at a time through funding education for students in Malawi, Africa.
We are all a part of a global community
and our aim is to fill a huge need.
For less than $2 per day/student we can accomplish our goal.”

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It was only in 1994 that the government of Malawi
introduced free primary education.

It is still is a very costly and a difficult challenge
for most students to attend Secondary School.

Our aim and our success is helping students, by supplementing money they already saved for education - which is usually not sufficient
or paying their school fees.

Without this help, these students would not be attending school.



In 2005, Malawi had the lowest net secondary enrolment
in the world at 24%. 

Without a secondary level education, where do you go in life?


How much does it cost to go to school in Malawi?

A basic priority for our project is to fund students (many who are orphans with little means of support) to attend school and receive an education.  For a school year, depending on the school (public or private) and if the student will be boarded at the school, the costs are:

  • Primary School
    Tuition per student per Trimester – free
    Uniforms, books and supplies per Trimester - $15 ($45 per Year)

  • Secondary School
    Tuition per student per Trimester – from $20 ($60 per year) to $53 ($159 per year)
  • Uniforms, books and supplies per Trimester - $20 ($60 per Year)
    Boarding School – from $150 per Trimester plus uniform, books, school supplies $65


    With a population of approximately 14.5 million people,
    Malawi has over 1 million orphans.

    How much should I donate?

    This is what we can and will do with your donation

    $25 Buys notebooks, pens, a school uniform and perhaps a pair needed shoes

    $50 Buys student fees and board for 1 term (3 terms in one year) for a student to go to boarding school

    $100 Buys student fees to pay for 5 students for 1 term to attend day school

    $250 Buys an orphan student a uniform, shoes, notebooks, pens and other school supplies, school fees and feeds them for 1 school term

    Less than $2/day, $50/month, ongoing
    This w ill educate a child, with special consideration for girls who are orphans, so they have a safe place to stay, sleep, study, feed them, and pay their  school fees until they are finished secondary school.

    Consider over 80% of the people in Malawi
    live on less than $2.00 per day


    What happens with my donation?

    We work with a number of different schools in the Nkhata Bay, Malawi area
    A student and a school are matched by location as well as need.

    Primary School (day school) – Mkondezi Primary School - Nkhata Bay
    Mary Nyirenda, Headmaster (088) 119-4326/(099) 549-4283

    Secondary School (day school) – Nkhata Bay Private Secondary - Nkhata Bay
    Scott Munthali, Headmaster (099) 946-5986

    Secondary School (day school) – Kunyanja Private Secondary - Nkhata Bay
    Feston Singoyi, Founder (099) 133-3207 Sydney Simwaka, Founder (088) 854-8017
    Bently Mugho - Headmaster (088) 178-0331

    Secondary School (boarding) – Mzimba Secondary School - Mzimba
    Timothy Kumwenda , Headmaster (099) 949-0435

    Secondary School (day school) – Maghemo Secondary School - Karonga
    Mr. B.K. Manda , Headmaster (099) 929-9002

    Secondary School (boarding) – Bandawe Secondary School - Chintheche/Bandawe
    Mr. L.P. Mkandawire, Headmaster 0111938627

    Secondary School (boarding) – Nkhata Bay Secondary School - Mzimba
    Manuel Kondowe , Headmaster (088)8854826/(099)9922543

    Secondary School (boarding) – Palm Private - Chitipa
    Alex Kanyimbo, Teacher (088) 878-4286

    District Education Manager – Nkhata Bay
    Mzondi Moyo, ( 088) 836-3712

    Your donation will be used to fund a student,
    most often chosen by the recommendation of the headmaster of a school
    based on need, academic progress and attendance.

    * if you should decide to fund a specific student for “less than $2 per day” we are most happy to provide contact information for the Headmaster of the student


    Goal 1 -  Adopt 100 students

    1. Help pay school fees and school expenses for students who would otherwise not likely be attending school
    2. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. 80% of the population lives on less than $2 a day.  With a population of approximately 14.5 million people, Malawi has over 1 million orphans.
    3. School fees are mandatory for secondary school.  Students must also have notebooks, pens, school uniforms and very often, shoes.
    4. Project Total Cost: $30,000 USD


    Thank you for donating!

    please confirm your donation and information at:


    Barry Thorsness
    Touch And Feel Africa


    Gerald Macheso
    Malawi Education Foundation



    The Malawi Education Foundation
    Touch And Feel Africa

                   Thank you for your support
      It means so much
      and makes a huge difference!


    Please makes checks/cheques payable to:

    The Malawi Education Foundation

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    The Malawi Education Foundation
    Touch And Feel Africa

    Gerald Macheso
    16910 25th Ave N.E.
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    The Malawi Education Foundation
    is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code

    The Malawi Education Foundation
      Gerald Macheso
    Seattle, WA 206-949-6218
      or email me at: Gerald Macheso


    for more information
    Touch And Feel Africa
      PO Box 10
    North Bend, WA 98045

      please call:
    Barry Thorsness
    Vancouver, BC  778-786-1690
    Seattle, WA 206-774-5963
    or email me at:






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    The Malawi Education Foundation
    is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code