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Project Outline
17 July 2011
(suject to changes and updates)


I especially thank you for your time and interest in reviewing and discussing the projects I have listed here.

I do look forward to talking with you in person and seeing how we might work together to help students in Malawi be able to go to school, receive a “reasonable” education and after graduation have some way of creating their own livelihood.

I have never in my life, experienced such gratitude and happiness, for even the little I have done so far for schools and students in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.  If you ever wanted to do a “whole lot” with “so little money”, this is it.  You can change a person’s life forever in such a big way.

I do encourage you read the UNICEF – “Precious Lives” story  (link on my website 

and do watch Madonna’s video, “I Am Because We Are” with Bill Clinton and Desmond Tutu.  

I will be one to say, that Madonna’s “Malawi” is a “rougher” Malawi than I have experienced, but I have no doubt that it represents truth in some areas of the country.  It does give you though a feeling of what is happening and the incredible “warmth and love” of the Malawi people in general.  And much of the video is hard to watch, although the last part is quite uplifting and amazing.


My Plan

I will be arriving in Johannesburg, South Africa on July 11 and spending approximately 5 or 6 days with friends.  My goal is to purchase a generator, possibly solar panels and other equipment for the computer lab which we are building at Msani School, .  I have received funds from Softchoice Cares of $7200 to supply computers and create the computer lab for this school.  The computers will be shipped prior to my arrival in Malawi.

I will be taking this equipment and traveling to Malawi, intending to be there approximately the 17 July.

I will also be following up the distribution of the solar/led lights that I had sent a couple of months ago, as well as checking with Mary Nyirenda, the headmaster of Mkondezi school, on the supplies we purchased as well as the success with the computer “dongle” so the school can be in on the internet.

The most important goal of my two month’s in Malawi is to research and provide partial/complete funding for the following projects.  Some of the following projects will be initiated after my return to Seattle/Vancouver with the necessary information/research to enable us to create a viable plan to fund and complete the projects.


Projects and Fundraising

1.  Operational/travel expenses for Touch And Feel Africa/Barry Thorsness
Funding needed for the costs of travel to Malawi and local travel/accommodation while implementing and researching the various projects below.

Fundraising: $5000


2.  Water Purification/Supply with Leon Mcloughlin – Clear Water Foundation

I believe clean water is probably the most important first step in creating any type of sustainable living or educational endeavor.  I would say that perhaps I am most lucky with many of the projects I am working with in Nkhata Bay.  Most seem to have good water, and the entire time of was there I drank water from the taps of the villages.

I have learned recently from Mary Nyirenda, Mkondezi School that nearby schools and villages do have water supply problems and are prone to unsanitary conditions which are disease causing.  I will be researching and writing of these locations when I am in Malawi.

It is great to report that funding for our first “Pure Water Supply” is being supported by Paula Boggs, (VP Starbucks and well known singer).  She has contributed the first $1000 to our project in Nkhata Bay, Malawi.

Goal: to have a water purification system installed and working in a school environment by August 2012, probably much soon according to Leon.  Also research the need for toilets/sanitation in the schools.  This is a problem in some locations. See:

Fundraising: need $9,000 of the $10,000 for the project


3. The “Lemonade Stand”
The “lemonade stand” (prototype/test marketing endeavor) is a very important step in both creating a sustainable income to fund education in the Nkhata Bay/Masanjala areas of Malawi and also to create a hands on education experience for students and teachers.

The project will include head school administrators, schoolmasters, university professors and members of the local business community in Malawi.  In the Seattle/Vancouver area, I would like to include you, Leon Mclaughlin, (Clean Water Foundation) Keith Callier (Associate of Leon), Peter van Stolk (founder of Jone’s Soda), Paula Boggs (VP Starbucks/entertainer) and Gerald Macheso (Masanjala Foundation).

Goal:  to have a minimum of two carts up and running in the months of August/September, testing the market.  This will be a first step to additional carts and then a study of the viability of creating a bottling/distribution plant to supply beverages throughout Malawi.

Fundraising:  need minimum $5,000 seed money to buy equipment, create cart(s)/storefront(s), create and test products and pay wages for students/teachers in the testing phase.


4. Funding Students for School
A basic priority for our project is to fund students (many who are orphans with little means of support) to attend school and receive an education.  For a school year, depending on the school (public or private) and if the student will be boarded at the school, the costs are:
Primary School
Tuition per student per Trimester - free
Uniforms, books and supplies per Trimester - $15 ($45 per Year)
Secondary School
Tuition per student per Trimester – from $20 ($60 per year) to $53 ($159 per year)
Uniforms, books and supplies per Trimester - $20 ($60 per Year)
Boarding School – from $170 per Trimester plus uniform, books, school supplies $65
Goal:  for Fall 2011 have funding for a minimum of 50 additional students attend school for one year. A mix of primary, secondary and boarding students
20 primary - $900
20 secondary - $4400
10 secondary/boarding - $6525
Fundraising: minimum of $15,000

5. School Funding for Computer Labs, Science Labs, Equipment and basic school supplies
School Funding is done on a per school, per project basis.  This would include the current project for Msani School of 12 computers for its new computer lab with generator/solar panels, web access with the grant of $7200 from Softchoice Cares.
Science labs are needed in all schools and basic supplies are most important for schools such as Mkondezi school, paper, pens, notebooks, paint, books (please see the list:
Goal: complete the computer lab at Msani School, (already funded), fund the creation of science lab at both Msani and Nkhata Bay Secondary School and basic supplies for Mkondezi School
Fundraising: $50,000

6. 1000 Light Campaign
To fund the availability of led/solar lights for students for studying both at school and home.  It is dark shortly after 6pm and to read and study is a huge challenge in the dark.  Both Mkondezi and Masani schools have no electricity.  Most homes in the villages do not have lights or electricity.  Currently kerosene/paraffin lamps are used or electric flashlights/lanterns.  Led/solar lights are currently being tested and we expect to have the “1000 Lights Campaign” after my return from Africa in October 2011.  see:
Goal: to fund 1000 led/solar lights for schools and students
Fundraising: $10,000

7. Girl’s Dormitory Msani School
To fund the construction of a girl’s dormitory at Msani School for 45 girls.  Some of the construction materials have already been purchased.  See Time Magazine article on TAFA site or:,9171,2046045,00.html
and Msani School:
Goal: to build the girl’s dormitory and have it functional for the beginning of the school term September 2012
Fundraising: $35,000

Thank you for your help with these projects.  I look forward to meeting with you soon to see how we might best work together and help so many students receive a basic but good education in Malawi.  It will change their lives!!!

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