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A message from Barry:

I have known Tusa since 2013, when one of the headteachers called me to see
if I could assist Tusa at Kunyanja Private Secondary School. He was being sent home,
unable to pay his school fees. He was an extremely good and bright student. As as an orphan,
living with his sister and grandmother, they were having a hard time just living.

That is history, which you can read below. TAFA has funded Tusa through his graduation,
as one of the top students at Kunyanja Private Secondary.

Now we need your help to get him enrolled at the
University of Malawi

If we work as a "team"
10 people at just $US 10/per month
4 people at just $US 25/month

I thank you all so much!

PLEASE email me at


I am looking for a "BIT" of help

My name is Tusa Kanyika

Your $25 per month can certainly


Tusa Kanyika

Top student at Kunyanja Private
(Nkhata Bay, Malawi)
Head Boy
Graduation Class President

to chat with me on whatsapp: +265 888 25 64 42

email Touch And Feel Africa:


I have been selected to pursue a degree in Sustainable Energy Systems which is a four year course at Malawi university of Science and Technology (MUST) which is in Thyolo, Blantyre.

As for who is going to pay for my university costs, I am relying on well-wishers since I have failed to get a government loan this year but will apply for it again next academic year. I’ve spoken to an aunt of mine and she says that she can contribute K100,000 this semester.







 MWK    180,000

 MWK         360,000


 MWK    225,000

 MWK         450,000


 MWK     30,000

 MWK           60,000


 MWK     20,000

 MWK           40,000


 MWK     40,000

 MWK           80,000


 MWK  495,000

 MWK       990,000


If we can get 10 people at $10/month each
or 4 people at $25/month
we can do it!!!

The story of TUSA

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa, in fact it is currently the poorest country in Africa. Yet surprisingly enough here in Malawi you will find people who would not find a problem paying over one million kwacha per semester for tertiary education and at the same time you will also find people who cannot even afford to pay one hundred thousand kwacha per semester. My name is Tusa, From Nkhata-Bay and I am one of the people who can’t even afford to pay for my tertiary education and this essay explains more about my life and why I deeply need a scholarship to study in Britain.

About Me
My name is Tusa Kanyika and I was born in Blantyre, Malawi. I was born in 1997 on the 30th of April and I am currently 19 years old. In the year of 2005 on the eighth of February my mother passed away and I have just graduated from Secondary School in Malawi, Africa.  It has been a great challenge to get here.  And an even larger challenge to excel while in many instances wondering how I was going to have supper in the evening and wondering if next week I would have a place to stay. I am truly blessed though in other ways.  Although my life has been mostly a struggle, I was given the ability to excel in almost everything I do.  This does not mean at times I have not felt like giving up, but it does show that I have the ability and tenacity to not only finish what I begin, but to finish it well. Even with bouts of malaria and not having food for the day while going to school.

When I was 4 years old in the year 2001 my family and I moved to South Africa and this is where I started with my education. In the same year I started my pre-school. Later in the year 2003 at the age of 6 I started my primary school at a school called St. Matthews primary school and this is where I completed my primary education. I then stayed two years without learning because my father had no funds to pay for my education. In the year 2012 I then started my secondary education at a school known as Amour Foundation Secondary School (grade eight only) .

When I was in Malawi I stayed with my uncle’s family in Blantyre since he was working in South Africa. I then started learning at a school called Love of God Secondary School in early January 2013 and I learnt at this school for the second term only and stayed at home for the rest of the academic year because there was no money to pay for my fees. I then moved to Nkhata-Bay in August of the same year and I stayed with my grandmother and sister. In September I started learning at a school called Kunyanja Private Secondary School and I started learning in form two and this is where my luck started to change. My uncle was the one who was paying for my school fees though he would find it hard to do so because of the financial crisis which he was in, but fortunately I passed my form two with flying colours. When I got to form three the school Director put me on bursary which meant that I would pay half of the school fees and the school would cover the other half. I then met a friend of mine who know Canadian named Barry Thorsness who has an organisation called Touch and Feel Africa  (TAFA) and he helped to pay for the other half of school fees which I was supposed to pay, that took a huge load off my uncle’s shoulders. I was also selected as school head boy and later was also the chairperson of the graduation committee.  This taught me a number of leadership skills.

With the assistance of TAFA and the school I could focus on my studies only and as a result when I reached form four and wrote my MSCE exams I scored 12 points and was in first position at my school and surrounding schools too which is a great achievement for me. Upon seeing this, the school directors decided to offer me a job as a volunteer at the school as an office assistant, which is what I am currently doing, so that I can help out at home.

I then applied at different universities of Malawi.

I have been selected to go and study at Malawi University of Science And Technology (M.U.S.T)




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is tax exempt under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code